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Hi, my Live Journal is and will always be public. I don't have a reason to lock anything here since I'm mainly posting about music stuff (specially L'Arc ...or...99% L'Arc 8D).

But please, leave a comment here if you add me, like, telling who you are or something D: ...

That's all for now, expect for changes in this entry soon :)
25th-Jan-2011 09:52 pm - let's be friends in facebook o/
mmm, I never post here in my private LJ, mainly because I'm not that interested in maintaining a blog about my private life and all, since there's twitter for that, and other pages like facebook, which is better than twitter to share pics and etc. So, from my friends here in LJ, which of you also own a facebook account? If you do, please add me there ^_^, mine is http://www.facebook.com/PeRihen .
Oh, and if you have twitter, follow me at http://twitter.com/PeRihen and I'll follow you back :)

This text (and pictures) is about my personal experiences in Chile, mainly in what refers to the VAMPS live there, being them from before or after the concert. It's full of emotions and impartiality, as it's a dream becoming true for me and therefore I don't see the point in save myself in this sense. It is full of details of many days (and all include VAMPS somehow), so those who just want to read about the live can jump for 'November 06th'. Oh,and I tend to cite people here as they were familiar to everybody. Good reading, and thanks if you read ^_^. By the way, I'm from Brazil :)
(If you click at the pictures it's possible to see them larger)

oooooooooops....Collapse )

Hi...more than 1 week since I returned from Santiago, since I saw VAMPS live, but everything still feels like it was yesterday.
I've already written my livereport, along with my experience. It's in my blog, but it's in Portuguese. Most of my livejournal friends cannot read Portuguese so I'm also translating it to English in the future (I'll do it in these days to come). But at least it's possible to see some pics. :D
I have a blog dedicated to L'Arc and members, so that's where I've posted it:
In case you wonder who am I in the pics, I'm the person in the front in this pic here.
Thanks ^^
(oh, and I was so happy with the comments in my last entry, I didn't reply anyone, and I feel it's too late now, but thanks :,) )
3rd-Nov-2010 08:39 pm - Going to Chile
Hi...you probably don't even remember about be but, that's ok :D
I'm going to Chile tomorrow to see VAMPS!!! I can't believe I'm gonna be that close to HYDE(sorry KAZ)
I'm definitely writing a livereport after I come back, my first one :)
Oooh, since this is really special to me I decided to write, even though I never post any entry...
It's going to be difficult to return to real life after this experience, I know...
First, credits for WAgneR from Orkut for the portuguese translation, the english one I did was based on this one. Also credits for Nasake, for she also helped in some parts =). Oh, and I almost forgot aalenchan ,she helped me in msn with some phrases x), so thank you too.
It took some days to do it, doing this translations takes more time than I thought...
Ok, now enjoy on the cutCollapse )
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